Addgene kits

Fluorescent Proteins

LIC TAL Effector Meeting Kit – Hornung
Yeast GoldenBraid Cloning System and Toolkit – Bernat

Hsa21 Gene Expression Set – Reeves

MultiSite Gateway Kit – Planas & Santalucia

FREQ-Seq Kit for constructing barcoded, locus-specific libraries (Illumina compatible) – Marx

Zinc Fingers

STAR TALE Meeting Kit – Pollard
Zebrafish Tol2 Gateway-compatible Kit for Neurodegenerative Disorders – Cole
MetClo DNA Assembly Kit – O’Callaghan

PUF Meeting Kit – Zhao
CRISPRainbow Multiplex Labeling Kit – Pederson
pOSIP Plasmid Kit – Endy & Shearwin
Artificial Biology
pCri Plasmid System – Gomis-Rüth
FusX TALEN Assembly System Kit – Ekker
Human Kinase ORF Kit – Hahn & Root
MoChlo: Modular Cloning Chloroplast Toolbox – Lenaghan
Yeast Prototrophy Kit – Ralser
Fluorescent Protein Fusion Construct Set – Hamdoun
ZFN modular assembly kit – Wolfe & Lawson
RAS Clone Collections: RAS and RAS Pathway Constructs- Esposito
GoldenBraid 2.0 Kit – Orzaez
BiGBac Kit for Fast Generation of Baculoviral Expression Constructs – Peters
Myristoylated Kinase Library Kit – Hahn & Zhao
Broad Goal Accelerator Plasmid Collections- Boehm, Hahn, Meyerson, and Root


Sabatini & Wood Cancer Pathways ORFs Kit
Bacillus subtilis Strain Collection – Gross Lab
pDGE Dicot Genome Editing Kit – Stuttmann
Start-Stop Assembly Toolkit – Heap
dRMCE Plasmid Kit for re-engineering conditional alleles in mESCs – Zeller
Integrated Genomics: A Discovery-Based Laboratory Course – Caldwell
Fire Lab C. elegans Vector Kit – Fire
FX cloning Method – Dutzler & Geertsma
SapTrap-SEC kit for C. elegans genome engineering – Goldstein
GeneWeld Vectors for Targeted Integration Using CRISPR/Cas9 – Essner
Multiplex CRISPR/Cas9 Assembly System Kit – Yamamoto
EcoFlex MoClo Toolkit for E. coli artificial biology – Freemont
Zinc Finger Consortium: Modular Assembly Accessory Reagents Kit – Joung

Individual Kinase Domain Constructs Kit – Chodera
pCut Plasmid Toolkit – Mukhopadhyay
Yeast GPCR-sensor Toolkit – Ellis
2in1 Plasmid Toolkit – Grefen

Zinc Finger Consortium: Modular Assembly Kit – Joung & Voytas
TALEN Accessory Pack – Yamamoto
TALE Toolbox – Zhang
GreenGate Cloning System – Lohmann
CRISPaint Kit – Hornung
Ubigate Collection – Trujillo
PRESTO-Tango GPCR Kit – Roth
REAL Assembly TALEN kit – Joung
MoClo Yeast Toolkit (YTK) – Dueber

Yeast Gateway Kit – Lindquist

MoClo Plant Parts II and Infrastructure Kit – Stuttmann
Marionette Sensor Collection – Voigt
CRISPi Kit – Gasser
Open Source Wnt Project Plasmids – Waterman & Wright
Vaccinia Virus ORF Library – Bennink & Yewdell
EasyCloneYALI Series – Borodina
Pathways & ORFs
MoClo Toolkit – Marillonnet
Phosphoprotein Synthesis Kit – Rinehart & Söll
Golden Gate TALEN and TAL Effector Kit 2.0 – Voytas & Bogdanove

Zinc Finger Consortium: OPEN Reagents – Joung

Ralstonia-GG-Kit – Lahaye

MoClo Plant Parts Kit – Patron

C. elegans miniMos Transgenesis Kit – Jorgensen

SapTrap CRISPR/Cas Toolkit – Jorgensen

Retroviral Barcoding Library – Winslow

BIOFAB plasmid set – Endy
CIDAR MoClo Parts Kit – Densmore

Mobius Assembly Vector Toolkit – Nakayama

Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit (PEK) – Alexandrov
TALEN Kit – Musunuru & Cowan
Platinum Camp TALEN Kit – Yamamoto
GoldenPiCS Kit – Gasser, Mattanovich, & Sauer
TALEN Kit – Ekker
MoClo Pichia Toolkit – Sieber
Minimal Antibiotic Resistance Platform (ARP)- Wright

AID* Kit – Ulrich

CRISPR-Cas9 Gateway System for Physcomitrella patens – Bezanilla

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