Christy Bryant

Protocols available upon request

Dop you need an Msds? Assay Kits Cell Culture Equipment Mutagenesis Infectious Disease Antibodies Vector Construction RNA CRISPR Products Stem Cell Culture and reagents High Throughput Screening Apoptosis Antibodies Antibodies Buffy Coat Concentrate Chemicals and Reagents Nucleic Acid Stains Proteomic and biochemistry Services Sequencing Biomolecules Microscopes and Mobile Imaging Systems Liquid Handling Workstations Laboratory …

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Addgene kits

Fluorescent Proteins LIC TAL Effector Meeting Kit – Hornung Yeast GoldenBraid Cloning System and Toolkit – Bernat Hsa21 Gene Expression Set – Reeves MultiSite Gateway Kit – Planas & Santalucia FREQ-Seq Kit for constructing barcoded, locus-specific libraries (Illumina compatible) – Marx Zinc Fingers STAR TALE Meeting Kit – Pollard Zebrafish Tol2 Gateway-compatible Kit for Neurodegenerative …

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